Scope: University & Passion Project
Deliverables: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Publication Design, Video Editing
This project aimed to establish a new art direction for an existing album – Feelings by singer-songwriter Chandler Moore, in this instance. The brief was to create a new album cover and an accompanying lyric book, focused on typography. As part of the process, I made a video lyric for one of the artist's songs.

Video Lyric

The challenge was to design a new visual direction for the album and its materials—one that pays homage to the original spirit of the album, weaving personal themes of grief, overwhelming emotions, and hope in a raw, intimate yet simple way, relying heavily on typography while infusing it with a fresh, relevant perspective.
Create a new album cover, lyric book and video lyric that draws inspiration from the existing album while introducing a new and contemporary artistic direction.
Album cover (front)
Album cover (back)
Some layout of the lyric book
Flip through the lyric book
Digital version of the lyric book
Stills from the Video Lyric / Credit – original footage: Pexels (cottonbro, koolshooters, distill)

Iterations for the album cover design

You can access the summary of my process toward the creation of the album cover and lyric book by flipping through this comprehensive process document I made.

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