Entrepreneurship Project | Deliverables: Publication Design, Cover Design, Copywriting, Marketing.​​​​​​​
Yuwod Planner is a young and dynamic stationary brand that believes a planner should be more than just a tool for organizing life; it should inspire individuals to be their best selves. The planner in corporates motivational quotes, goal-setting prompts, and inspirational designs to help users stay focused and motivated.​​​​​​​
Redesign an existing Yuwod Planner, preserving the essence of the brand, to infuse it with a modern appeal tailored to the student demographic.
Employing a youthful and contemporary design featuring playful shapes. Given that the brand's target audience is students, my design approach focused on creating content and visuals in a relatable language. This led to the use of vibrant colors and a deliberate departure from the conventional 'classy' planner aesthetic.​​​​​​​
Before the redesign
After the redesign
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