Passion Project | Deliverables: Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Social Media Post, Copywriting
Sabatt is an organic tea brand that focuses on crafting high-quality, and organic tea blends that promote wellness and balance. For this branding project, I aimed to capture the essence of Sabatt's values and aesthetic in a visually striking and cohesive way.
Design a visual identity, packaging, website and social media materials from the ground up that conveys Sabatt's commitment to sustainability and premium yet friendly quality. Create user personas.
Develop a cohesive brand identity and materials for Sabatt that seamlessly blend sustainability with a premium and approachable feel, and that will resonate with their target audience. 
My design approach was inspired by Sabatt's commitment to organic and natural ingredients, as well as the brand's earthy and vibrant color palette. I started by creating a logo that incorporates the brand's name and a stylized leaf, which represents Sabatt's natural and organic approach to tea blending. I then developed a packaging system that features the range of flavor they have, with a simple and elegant layout that showcases the tea blends and their ingredients.
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