Passion Project | Deliverables: Visual Identity, UI/UX Design, Copywriting.
GreenHouse is a sustainable furniture and decor brand that specializes in eco-friendly materials and modern design. The aim of the design project was to create a website that reflects the brand's identity and showcases its products in a friendly, modern, and approachable way while still looking sophisticated and professional.
Craft a website that directly addresses the preferences and values of our ideal persona—a busy individual seeking modern design infused with sustainability. This consumer actively pursues furniture choices that reflect their commitment to the environment. The website should effortlessly marry style and substance, presenting GreenHouse's product range in a way that is quick to navigate yet rich in information. It serves not only as a showcase for our eco-friendly products but also as an efficient educational hub, offering valuable insights into sustainable living and environmentally friendly furniture options.

Proposing an e-commerce platform that not only offers eco-friendly and responsibly sourced products but also integrates a comprehensive blog. The blog serves as an educational hub, providing valuable information to both environmentally aware consumers and those new to sustainable living. This approach aligns with the values of our target audience but also extends the brand's reach by fostering awareness and understanding of responsible choices in home decor.
The color palette choice is inspired by nature and is used to convey a sense of eco-friendliness. The typography selection enhances friendliness and professionalism through rounded letterforms. The incorporation of dark purple serves to provide a subtle contrast to the green and earthy palette, as dark purple is often associated with high-end products, aligning with the sophisticated image that GreenHouse aims to project.
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