University Project | Deliverables: Data Visualization Poster (72x48 inches)
I designed a data visualization that distills complex information into clear insights. It shows my 17-month Netflix series history, condensing over 700 data points into a more accessible format.
Craft an interesting narrative from 700+ data points of my personal Netflix series history into a comprehensible visual format, while making the visualization relevant and engaging for a broader audience than myself, was the primary challenge. ​​​​​​​
- Designed a 72x48 inches poster with TV-shaped frames, where each detail allowed for the condensation of complex information while capturing viewers' attention.
- Refined the copy to broaden the poster’s appeal.
- Incorporated a diverse array of datasets to spark viewer’s introspection, totaling over 12 (see legend).
- Facilitated comprehensive viewing and encouraged physical interaction with the content through the poster size, allowing viewers to take in all the information at once.


A few closeups:

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