Client: Bussole 
Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Visual Identity (including logo design, brand design, and illustration), UI, Motion Graphics, Copywriting, Video Editing.
Bussole is a travel agency committed to crafting immersive adventures that connect young travelers with cultures and stories from around the world. I was tasked with building a visual brand identity from the ground up to appeal to the target audience I had thoroughly studied. I collaborated with the client to find the perfect name for the agency that would resonate with its primarily French-speaking audience. I also enriched their brand identity through storytelling, copywriting, and brand tools.
Travel agencies are often associated with a rigid and established vernacular. The challenge here was to develop a visual brand and copywriting that departed from the typical travel agency norms and emerged as something distinctive, edgy, youthful, while maintaining trustworthiness and reliability.
I created a distinctive visual identity and brand voice guidelines that resonate with Bussole's customers and establish trust by keeping clean assets that complies to the travel agency vernacular, while bringing forth Bussole's innovative approach by straying away from certain norms..
A story through logo
I created the Bussole logotype with the aim of embodying the modern ethos of exploration. The adaptable 'B' within the logo adopts a text-bubble appearance, symbolizing the vibrant conversations and connections that travel ignites. The logomark is crafted to evoke the meandering roads often seen from a highway or in circulation, alluding to the interconnected essence of travel.
Behind the colours
Bussole's colours aim to capture the brand's spirit, drawing inspiration from generational marketing by using bright and contrasting colours to appeal to Gen Zers and Millennials. They also take cues from colour psychology for creativity, trust, growth, energy and vitality.
I chose the 'Forma DJR Display' sans serif font to perfectly encapsulate Bussole's essence, marrying modern precision with a dynamic approach.
The copy developed for Bussole is designed to resonate with Bussole's young audience, infusing informal language, punchy text, and direct messaging to address the potential clients directly and enhance the chances of connection.
Designed website and app pages for the liminal spaces of users' experience. The incorporation of illustrations alongside photography in Bussole's digital presence forms a strategic synergy that encapsulates the agency's brand strategy. Blending storytelling with captivating imagery, Bussole ignites curiosity, fosters emotional connection, and sets itself apart in a competitive landscape.

Bussole's Commercial

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