University Project | Work: Research, Graphic Design, Copywriting
This project aimed to create an impactful infographic that conveys information through a compelling narrative and visual storytelling. The main goal was to deal with bullying, and the chosen way to do this was a series of posters for a campaign to raise awareness. The goal was to raise awareness and engage viewers in understanding the serious impact of bullying.
The challenge in this project was to transform initially corporate-looking, emotionless presentations into visually engaging and emotionally resonant posters. Finding the right balance between visual elements, color palette, and copywriting tone while maintaining factual accuracy posed a significant challenge. The need to tell a compelling story through collected data required iterative exploration and thoughtful decision-making.
The solution involved an iterative process of experimentation with visual design elements, including color schemes and typography. The final design incorporated a minimal color scheme, inspired by Pink Shirt Day. The choice of a bold sans-serif font prioritized legibility and simplicity. The copywriting underwent revisions to maintain factual accuracy while ensuring an attention-grabbing and engaging presentation. The inclusion of a specific website, "," served the purpose within the classroom context, while the larger-scale vision involves a campaign-specific website for wider accessibility and information dissemination.
After gathering all the data and brainstorming the story I wanted to convey with the numbers, I began sketching ways to visually present this information in a compelling way, as demonstrated below.
Iterations of the poster design
Data sources:
 The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide: What We Know and What it Means for Schools,National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention.
Bullying in U.S. Schools, 2019 Status Report (Harlan Luxenberg, MA, Professional Data Analysts; Susan P. Limber, PhD, Clemson University; Dan Olweus, PhD, Department of Health Promotion and Development; University of Bergen, Norway).
9 facts about bullying in the U.S., written by Katherine Schaeffer for Pew Research Center.
Teens and Cyberbullying 2022, written by Emily A. Vogel for Pew Research Center.

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